Senior Football Results – Round 16

North Ballarat hosted Darley at Mars Stadium for Round 16 football and netball.

It was a strange day with the Under 19s and Reserves football matches forced to Northern Oval 2.

The Under 19s started well with another dominant display.  Darley only managed 2 goals and did not score after half time while the North boys went on to kick 14 goals and win by 76 points.  The goals were shared around with no player kicking more than 2 and 9 individual goal kickers.  Broden Haintz, Harry Mulcahy (back from senior duty) and Charlie Patterson were the best for North.  The under 19 boys hold top spot on the ladder with two rounds to go.  Next weeks game against third placed Ballarat is sure to be a beauty.

The reserves continued to show fight and pluck but again lacked the polish to get the four points.   Again North couldn’t find a way to the goals in the second half, failing to kick a goal after half time, eventually going down by 28 points.  Sam Bowen, up from the Under 19s kicked three out of the five goals, with Darcy McEldrew (also from the Under 19s) and Max Lawless getting one each.  Tynan Haintz, Matt Goh and Max Lawless the better players for North.  It was a good day out for the Haintz boys.

Everyone moved back to Mars Stadium for the big show between the seniors teams.  The rain came in and the wind picked up to provide pretty typical North Ballarat conditions.

It was an even first quarter with Darley taking a 1 point lead into the quarter time break.  It was a tight contest with many stoppages and hard ball gets and not a lot of free flowing fast footy.  Darley pulled away to lead by 14 points at half time with out boys still well and truly in it.  Inaccurate goalkicking combined with some very good pressure around the ball by Darley saw North kick 2.8 to Darley 6 goals straight in the third quarter and the margin blow out to 30 points at three quarter time.  To the North boys’ credit they didn’t stop trying and managed to win the last quarter 3.2 to 1.5 to reduce the final margin down to 21 points.  Hopefully the boys can take the momentum from that last quarter into next week’s match against Ballarat and get off to a flyer.  Izaac Johnson booted 3 goals and Sam Bromley-Lynch 2.  Adam Turley, Ryan Hobbs and Sam B-L were our best.

Seniors – Currently 7th on the ladder.

North Ballarat     2.3     3.6     5.14     8.16 (64)
Darley                  2.4     5.8     11.8     12.13 (85)

North Ballarat Goals:  Izaac Johnson 3, Sam Bromley-Lynch 2, Tim Speirs 1, Will Young 1, Fletcher Loader 1.

North Ballarat Best:  Adam Turley, Ryan Hobbs, Sam Bromley-Lynch, Tim Speirs, Clay Jenkins, Tom Bromley-Lynch.


Reserves – Currently 10th on the ladder.

North Ballarat     2.4     5.5     5.6     5.10 (40)
Darley                  6.1      7.2     9.6     10.8 (68)

North Ballarat Goals:  Sam Bowen 3, Darcy McEldrew 1, Max Lawless 1.

North Ballarat Best:  Tynan Haintz, Matt Goh, Max Lawless, Matt Nevett, Jacob Duffy, Nathan Olver.


Under 19s – Currently 1st on the ladder.

North Ballarat     6.2     9.2      12.4     14.6 (90)
Darley                  2.0      2.2       2.2        2.2 (14)

North Ballarat Goals:  Riley O’Keefe 2, Charlie Patterson 2, James Curran 2, Jarrod Curran 2, Mitch McKee 2, Broden Haintz 1, Matt Aikman 1, Lachie Opie 1, Charlie Perks 1.

North Ballarat Best:  Broden Haintz, Harry Mulcahy, Charlie Patterson, Mitch McKee, Riley O’Keefe, James Curran.