All leagues across Victoria now use the online National Registration Form. The responsibility of registering players and officials is placed on the individual.  Club administrators have no access to password information.  If you have forgotten your password you will have to request this information via the Sporting Pulse website.  If you have forgotten your log on email address see Ray Gluyas or Justin Johnston at the club who can assist.

Players are required to go online and register through Sporting Pulse, the link below will take you straight through to the Registration page.

When you follow the link to register it will take you to one of three options.

  1. I have participated in a club before and have my username and password
  2. I would like to request my username and password or
  3. I am registering to participate to this club for the first time or transitioning from Auskick to Junior.

Click on the option that applies to you.

If you do not have your username and password, Sportingpulse will email you the information to the email address that is currently on the sporting pulse database.  If you can't remember the email address you used or need to update it then please contact Ray Gluyas or Justin Johnston at the club who can fix it for you.

Once you have your username and password, log on to Sporting Pulse and follow the registration process. The form also has a link to the Player Code of Conduct that you are required to read and acknowledge before the form will be able to be submitted.

Unregistered players will not be able to be added to team sheets and thus will be unable to participate in matches for the club until they are registered.

All players who have come to the club with a clearance are also required to complete the online registration process before they will be recognised as belonging to our club.