North Ballarat City elects leaders

With our first round of football looming this weekend it is appropriate that we announce our Leaders in our football and netball senior playing groups for 2018.

This year under new senior coach Shane Skontra, our leadership groups take a different approach as we continue to develop our culture and club structures. This year our leadership groups have been split into two.

Firstly, we have a Leadership Group consisting of

Ollie Nash

Tim Speirs

Tyler George

Joe Symons

Brayden Draffin and

Development: Tom Bromely-Lynch

This group will be responsible for driving our clubs basic training and playing standards, driving our structures, taking training/drills, driving our recovery and intensity and striving for improvements. They will be active in supporting all of our players, coaches and football department, taking an active role in working with our other leadership groups.

Our second group is

Club Culture & Governance Leaders

Simon McCartin (Senior team captain)

Daniel Jones (Senior team vice captain)

Marcus Darmody

Josh Bromely-Lynch

Sam Bromely-Lynch

This group will take ownership of the club culture and the direction for which we are aiming. They will work at a higher club level dealing with major issues, evaluating and reviewing our training and cultural balance, influencing our performances and encouraging a positive and healthy environment. They will work with all levels of the football club to encourage improvement and development.

Senior coach Shane Skontra says that this structure is aimed to best facilitate our club environment and drive our performance and development for the 2018 season.

Our netball leaders are:

Stacey McCartin (A Grade Captain)

Zoe Nevett (B Grade Captain)

Amelia Brereton/Hannah Gluyas (C Grade Captain)

Anna Parfrey-Johnson (D Grade Captain)

Sophie Draffin (19 & Under Captain)