From 2015 onwards, all Leagues across Country Victoria began registering players using the National Registration Form. In short, this basically meant that the responsibility of registering players and officials for the 2015 season and beyond is placed back on the shoulders of the individual. Due to restrictions created by the system, club administrators no longer have access to passwords that each individual members use to login to the system to register themselves. This information is now only accessible by the individual themselves. Therefore for 2017, registration will once again be up to the individual player to complete using the password that was used last season.

Players are required to go online and register through Sportingpulse, the link below will take you straight through to the Registration page.

When you follow the link to register it will take you to one of three options.

  1. I have participated in a club before and have my username and password
  2. I would like to request my username and password or
  3. I am registering to participate to this club for the first time or transitioning from Auskick to Junior.

    Click on the option that applies to you.

    If you do not have your username and password (which is a possibility), sporting pulse will email you out both to the current email address that is currently on the sporting pulse database. If you do not believe that your current email on the sporting pulse database is accurate please ask Lee to check it for you and update it if necessary.

    Once you have the correct username and password, log on again to Sporting Pulse and follow the registration process through. The form also has a link to the Player Code of Conduct that you are required to read and acknowledge before the form will be able to be submitted.

    If you do not do the online registration process you will be unable to take to the ground on game day as your name will not appear on our team sheet and only the players registered with the club will be able to appear.

    All boys who have come to the club with a clearance are also required to complete the online registration process before they will be recognised as belonging to our club.