North Ballarat Football Club has joined the Communities of Respect and Equality (CoRE Alliance). We’re excited to be part of a group of over 85 local organisations, networks and clubs committed to taking action to prevent violence against women before it occurs. And we are part of 10 sporting groups who have joined the alliance from the Central Highlands region.

“Local sporting organisations are recognising that they can make a positive difference and lead change in our communities that will create safer spaces for girls and women to enjoy sports – and also challenge stereotypes that can limit their involvement in sports and community life more broadly” said Women’s Health Grampians CEO, Marianne Hendron.

“Sporting clubs add a critical opportunity to influence the attitudes and beliefs about what is normal and acceptable behaviour. Leadership in this area is critical if we are going to create a better, safer and more equitable community for our next generation” she said.

The CoRE Plan sets a vision for “A safe, equal and respectful society for everyone” and invites all organisations, businesses, clubs and networks in the region, who share the vision, to become members of the Alliance and start working collectively, with mutually reinforcing actions towards that vision.

As a CoRE member, we will be taking action to promote gender equality and prevent violence against women, in order to work towards the CoRE vision of a safe and equal society.

To view the CoRE Plan visit

We want to encourage all agencies, businesses and clubs to join the Alliance. For more information feel free to contact Dee Micevski at  or contact Women’s Health Grampians on (03) 5322 4100 or visit